When doing anything in life long enough, you learn that there are expectations as to how things should be done.  Cottonwood Renovations strives to meet those expectations.  Above all, as the homeowner we want you to know that you can count on us while making an investment in your home. 

1. Trust ~ Earning your trust from the beginning is especially important to us. Our staff and business partners will treat you and your home courteously and with the utmost respect. We are insured, registered with the state and always obtain the required permits for any project.  Cottonwood Renovations represents a clean and drug-free environment.

2. Communication ~ Communication is and always will be at the top of our standards.  It is key and quite honestly a lost art.  Whether it is through text, phone calls, emails or in person; you will always have a way to be in contact with Jeremy.  Not only do we want to be available any time new ideas or changes come about but to keep you informed of the progress of your project.  Having the means to communicate these ideas is of critical importance.   

3. Environment ~ We do our very best to keep your home as clean as possible throughout the renovation.  This all starts with air scrubbers and partitioning off the workspace, along with making sure to clean up daily.  Even though the job site environment is a dirty place, we will limit that mess as best we can.  A clean job site is a happy job site!

4. Craftsmanship ~ Satisfaction comes from seeing smiles after the last nail has been placed.  The use of high quality materials and applying them in a professional manner is what you can expect during your renovation.  

5. Relationships ~ You will be treated as a true friend.  We maintain our great reputation by creating wonderful relationships through our renovations.  Strong relationships give way to a strong pride and desire to be at our very best for you.